Wednesday, April 22, 2020


It would be silly for me to not address the current situation: COVID-19. This spring semester was my first semester at USC as a sophomore (will elaborate more in another post) and I was really excited! However, everyone had to leave campus around two and a half months early from the semester ending due to COVID-19. We started taking online Zoom classes and it was clear to see that we wouldn't be going back to school. I was a bit bummed because it was my first semester but at the same time, I missed home and wanted to go back. Everything happened really suddenly. Soon, social distancing and quarantine started to take place and more people in the United States started to take the pandemic more seriously. (I think that it was a problem that the United States did not take precautions earlier. Everyone here also values individuality, so it's difficult to place a mandatory quarantine on people. If everyone took it seriously and actually stayed home, we could probably flatten the curve faster.) That aside, I actually enjoy the quarantine life. But I do admit that I could be doing more in the day other than sleeping, eating, going on my phone, going on the Internet, watching YouTube videos, watching Chinese and Korean dramas, and cleaning/organizing my room. From now on, I want to dedicate more time to writing blog posts, reading books, learning to cook, practicing ukulele, and learning languages. With all this extra time given to us, we should be doing things to better ourselves! It's hard to do that and not just laze around, but I am willing to work harder at self-improvement and my goals day by day.

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