Saturday, February 17, 2018

going through the motions

One of my biggest fears is living life day by day. I am afraid of falling into a meaningless routine and not working toward my life goals. I admit I have lived out this fear. There have been days where I think, "What is my purpose? Why am I doing these pointless tasks?" as I do homework, study for a test, or even absentmindedly watch YouTube videos on my bed. I compare myself to others who are more motivated and accomplished than me. When I witness what they are doing, I feel like the work that I am doing is worthless. But I have to remember that it's unhealthy to compare myself or envy others. Everyone is at different stages, working toward different goals. Every little thing that I do contributes toward the big picture. Even if I think that a task I am doing is menial, it's not. Each step taken, no matter how big or small, will end up contributing toward my unique purpose.


[i'm happy that i decided to stay.]

Monday, February 5, 2018

changing pace

Throughout my entire Blogger journey from 2013 until now, 2018, I have gone through many thought processes about changing my blog for the better. No matter what it is, I am always thinking about ways to change my work for the better. I have reconstructed my blog, made a new blog, deleted that one, came back to this blog, and took many breaks. Many, many breaks. But my intention has always been the same. To make my writing better. To increase my communication skills. To make new connections with people that I would otherwise not have been able to make. Looking into this new year (let's say that January was a trial month), I will continue to make improvements to my blog. The most important aspect of blogging is, well, blogging. No matter how many new designs, sponsored posts, or followers one has, the reason that people create a blog is to write. And that is what I will continue to do. Write.
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