Saturday, February 17, 2018

going through the motions

One of my biggest fears is living life day by day. I am afraid of falling into a meaningless routine and not working toward my life goals. I admit I have lived out this fear. There have been days where I think, "What is my purpose? Why am I doing these pointless tasks?" as I do homework, study for a test, or even absentmindedly watch YouTube videos on my bed. I compare myself to others who are more motivated and accomplished than me. When I witness what they are doing, I feel like the work that I am doing is worthless. But I have to remember that it's unhealthy to compare myself or envy others. Everyone is at different stages, working toward different goals. Every little thing that I do contributes toward the big picture. Even if I think that a task I am doing is menial, it's not. Each step taken, no matter how big or small, will end up contributing toward my unique purpose.


[i'm happy that i decided to stay.]

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