Thursday, May 11, 2017


As it may have been evident, I've taken a long break from blogging. I didn't have any particular reason for doing so. In fact, I didn't even intend to. It just kind of happened. However, during this time I have done a lot of contemplating about things that go on in my life. I hope to use these ideas to make blog posts. Starting with this one. People aren't who they seem to be. I think everyone has an image of themselves in their heads and the people around them perceive them to be different than who they think they are. Perhaps not entirely different, but aspects that are slightly altered. For example, some might think that you are shy and antisocial but in your mind, you are proud of yourself for talking to three people in a day. Everyone in the world will have a different opinion on who you are and what I've learned is to not think too much about what they think. What matters most is who you think you are. Sure, you can certainly take advice from other people. But when it comes down to it, you have to make your own judgments about your own self. Nobody can take responsibility for your actions, appearance, personality, or beliefs. By following your own self-image and working to achieve one that you are satisfied with, you have to be true to yourself and not give in to society or other people's ideal image of you. It may be hard to follow what you want sometimes, but it can be done!


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